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People Related to Computers
Appreciations from My Students
  • Mr. Janardhan Rao has taken guidance from me for his GATE coaching. He remembers me from his Page.
1. An Email from Mr. Vijay
Saturday, March 28, 2009 3:45 AM
From: This sender is DomainKeys verified "vijju avadhanula" Add sender to Contacts To: venkat_ritch@yahoo.comGood 
Evening Sir. Happy Ugadi to you and your family members.. I believe in the things that what you say,sir.As a final year student of rhis college,i also want 
to be a good citizen and to relieve from this college with lot of potential to face the outer world.As a inspiration from you,we started that community.
But we could'nt get proper time to motivate the students on behalf of it.Lots of plans but lack of proper planning and time we couldnt.We dont want to 
leave it invain.For what purpose the community started should be fulfilled.For that we need your support,sir. Actually we planned to conduct various 
activities like group discussions,seminars,lectures,debates,entertaining events and alot during the weekends.But due to our project and NBA work we couldnt.
We'll definitely motivate our juniors.But we need proper guidance and support from your side,sir. Once again my wishes to you sir.   
2. An Email from Mr. infoguyz
Thursday, March 12, 2009 2:02 AM
From: This sender is DomainKeys verified "info guyz" Add sender to Contacts To: "DR. N. B. Venkat Nagasuri" Respected Sir ,
We Are leading  day by day Because of your Encouragement . In infoguyz we've posted some Windows Secretes and tricks   You please go through the site and reply us .Thank you sir have a nice day.....INfoGuyZ
3. An Email from Ms. Madhavi
Re: Your Feedback about webinar will be useful for meFriday, February 20, 2009 11:29 PM
From: This sender is DomainKeys verified "madhavi sindhu" Add sender to Contacts To: venkat_ritch@yahoo.comyes 
sir i like it very much. 
4. An Email from Mr. Venkateswarlu Nittala
 On Sat, 12/27/08, vnittala@indsoftusa.com  wrote:

From: vnittala@indsoftusa.com 
Subject: Venkat - Student - Geophysics - Andhra University
To: venkat_ritch@yahoo.com
Date: Saturday, December 27, 2008, 9:16 AM

Dear Venkateswarlu Sir,

I am one of your student, I have learnt ABCD of computers from you.
Finally I  am working in USA as a GIS Consulatant, I am thankful to you for
your support during my career begining. I am happy hear with my wife vijaya and
one daughter Hmsika. I have seen your website , my name on it and  impresed   
with your sample programs and your voice. Computer student in Visakhapatnam are
very lucky as they have teacher like you in India.

Thanks and regards
Venkateswarlu Nittala
Phone : +1-6304870882
mail : venkatpdo@yahoo.com

5. An Email from Mr. Rajesh
--- On Mon, 12/22/08, rajeshboppana1@gmail.com  wrote:

From: rajeshboppana1@gmail.com 
Subject: Hi
To: venkat_ritch@yahoo.com
Date: Monday, December 22, 2008, 4:02 AM

Hello sir

I am a former student of yours. I studied DS, UNIX shell and also came for 
GATE coaching. This year I completed my M.Tech from IITB. I am currently working
in NetApp bangalore.  We are having holidays from 25 th to 3rd jan. I wanted to
learn TCP/IP programming and Unix internals. Is it possible to complete any of
these courses in that one week :). If you are free then I will come to vizag for
that week and can attend the course at what ever the time convenient for you. I
can attend the course for longer hours at a stretch also.

If it is possible for you then can you please mention the fees and other
details for this type of course.

Regards and thanks
Rajesh Boppana

6. An Email from Mr. Nitesh
 Flag this messageRe: Happy birthday Sir !!Monday, December 1, 2008 4:38 PM
From: This sender is DomainKeys verified "Nitesh Kumar Arabolu" Add sender to Contacts To: venkat_ritch@yahoo.com
Hi Sir,  You are one of my best teachers I have ever had although it was short but I can always look at you for advise. I am still with Oracle Corporation and 
in AUS. It's been ages that Vidyasagar and myself were in touch. For sure, next time I visit Vizag, I shall catch up with you. I believe our institute is 
running well.   Thanks,Nitesh
7. An Email from Mr. Bharat
Friday, September 5, 2008 5:52 PM
From: This sender is DomainKeys verified "sampangi bharat it" Add sender to Contacts To: venkat_ritch@yahoo.com
-----Inline Attachment Follows-----

Respected Sir,                     "Happy 
8. An Email from Ms. Suneetha Singh
 Flag this messageteachers day wishesFriday, September 5, 2008 2:40 PM
From: This sender is DomainKeys verified "suneetha singh" View contact details To: venkat_ritch@yahoo.comMessage contains attachmentsbellown.gif (20KB), cake.JPG (29KB), teacher-day1.jpg (42KB), 123.bmp (577KB), teach.bmp (149KB)
-----Inline Attachment Follows-----

Respected sir,

   Happy teachers day

Thank you for your caring and your dedication to the students.

Thank you for your professionalism and your commitment to life-long learning.

Tanking you sir,

Rajah R S R K Ranga Rao College

9. An Email from Mr. Janardhan

--- On Fri, 9/5/08, Jana  wrote:

From: Jana 
Subject: Happy Teacher's day
To: venkat_ritch@yahoo.com
Date: Friday, September 5, 2008, 10:36 AM

Dear Sir, Wish you a very happy teacher's day. I wish god should give you good health and keep your energy levels as high as ever to teach many more students and inspire them for higher studies and getting involved with research and academia. Please convey my regards to sharada madam as well.

Best Wishes,ur student Janardhan
10. An Email from Ms. Sowjanya
vakkalanka soujanya  wrote:
Good morning Sir,                             I am Soujanya(Roll no.  36) , a student of 4th year IT in Gayatri College Of Engineering.
we r not happy and infact we are very unlucky that u left our college and especially our class sir
The main purpose of this mail is to wish u HAPPY BIRTHDAY  sir.I've got job in TCS and CSC sir.I wanted to tell this to u.How r u sir??????????ok sir once again MANY MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY to u sir.                                                                                  Soujanya.
11. An Email from Mr.Santhosh
santosh kumar  wrote:
Good morning sir and MANY MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY.HAPPY BIRTHDAY sir. I am Santosh.I've recently completed C course in ritch center (before 1 and a half month).I hope u remembered me sir.I've asked on the last day of my course about ur birthday .I am presently doing my MCA in vignan college of engineering sirU have helped me a lot in gaining good basic knowledge in computers sirfor which i'm very VERY THANKFUL to u.Being an MPC student i thought computers and programming languages are very difficult to learn but i changed my opinion after attending ur classes sir.Thank u VERY MUCH sir.                           In our college I.T H.O.D Srinivas sir said to all our students that RITCH CENTER is the best institute in Vizag and i felt very happy and proud that time that I am a student of U sir.once again HAPPY BIRTHDAY to u sir.                                                                                    Santosh 
12. An Email from Ms.Lavanya
Wednesday, September 19, 2007 5:57 PM
From: This sender is DomainKeys verified "Chandana Lavanya" View contact details To: "DR. N. B. Venkat Nagasuri" 
-----Inline Attachment Follows-----

Hello Sir
Sorry for the delay in replying. I was quite busy last two weeks. My Elder sister (Second) got engaged and my eldest gave birth to a baby girl. I have resigned from my job last week at TCS and joined a new company Progress Software today. I visited the website.  There is lot of useful content specially for the BTech students. This is a the best way of sharing your knowledge.Let me know if I can be of any help in this regard. Thanks for the wishes. Yours Sincerely,Lavanya.
13. An Email from Mr. Kiran

"Ratnala, Kiran Kumar S S (STSD)"  wrote:
Dear Sir,
Hope you are doing fine. I wish you "HAPPY TEACHERS DAY". I wouldn't
have be in this position, without your direction/guidance. Thanks you
very much. 

Please do covey my wishes Madam as well.

Warm regards,

14. An Email from Mr.Nanda
 Flag this messageAccolade for my book "The Remix of Orchid"Saturday, August 18, 2007 4:25 AM
From: This sender is DomainKeys verified "anant nanda" View contact details To: venkat_ritch@yahoo.comSir,

This is Nanda, PMG Berhampur. I was once your student in 2001 when I was at Vizag as the Director of Postal Services. During last two years I have exchanged mail with you in connection with my blog promotion.

In the mean while, I have published a book with  a heart-warming foreword from Mr RUSKIN BOND. The book is doing well.

15. An Email from Mr.Pavan
pavan kumar sarakadam  wrote:
From S.Y.Pavan KumarAsst Prof IT deptGVPCOE ToProf N.B.Venkateswarlu                            Sir,                                                            My name is S.Y.Pavan Kumar I am your student and also doing as a faculty in IT dept of our college. First of all I am feeling very sad about your relieving from the college. As I am dealing WEB-Technologiestheory as well as lab , I got a small doubt that how to execute (or) what is the procedure to execute  programes regarding to Chemiacal Markup Languages (CML) I have designed programe and also downloaded jmol editor to execute. My programe successfully parsed.When I am going to execute it is saying that "no atoms found" an error message. So please guide me to overcome this problem.                                            Thanking you sir                                                                            Yours Sincierly                                                                           S.Y.Pavan Kumar                                       
16. An Email from Ms. Swathi
Swati Gadey  wrote:
Sir, I'm Swati Gadey, 2003-2007 student of GVPCOE, CSE branch. With all your blessings, I got admission in MS, CS (Fall, 07) in University of Alabama in Huntsville, USA. I also got my Visa through. And, I'm leaving on July 26th.  I thought of conveying my thanks to you, in person. But, because of lack of time, I'm conveying my thanks through this e-mail. Thanks a lot for guiding me in the right direction throughout my engineering, without which I'd never have reached my goal. 

Thanking you,

17. An Email from Mr. Vishal
From: This sender is DomainKeys verified "v vishal" Add sender to Contacts To: "DR. N. B. Venkat Nagasuri"  hello sir..it is not like we dont miss you...We too do sir and your assignments though tough always had something to learn from..It was one of the means by which we could all work as a group and try to get the solution,and it's because of you sir that we went through the text books and other references which generally JNTU students dont do.(apart from the so called all-in-one)..so sir we are unfortunate enough ..not to have you as our HOD..and hope so that we can consult you especially during our Project works..and seek help at the max...thanking you..This is on behalf of the IT students..   Vishal

18. An Email from Mr.Goutham
 Flag this messageWE MISS U,WE WANT UMonday, July 23, 2007 11:57 PM
From: This sender is DomainKeys verified "Goutham Vedula" Add sender to Contacts To: "DR. N. B. Venkat Nagasuri" Good evening sir,                             
         Sir, to tell to frankly today seeing abdul
kalam for the last time in the assemly i recalled
u.Everyday we recall u seeing some great people.I
always had a wish of becoming like u.The knowledge you
shared with us, and the time we spent in the class
.To tell you, i havent seen a great professor like u
till now in my journey of knowledge.WE MISS YOU.Sir
you might have a doubt that we(atlest i) are replying
u in this manner, just because you messaged us, but
thats not the case sir.We always wanted to be in touch
with you, also we were about to invite you into our
class group.Infact we never had the guts to approach
you thats the reason we didnt come to you, this is not
because that u scolded us or fear of punishment but we
feared just because we felt that we were not eligible
to meet you, as we couldn perform to your
expectations.Sir some things in life we get to know
later, this is just the case.There was no single
embedded systems class without remembering u.Sir i
used to tell my friends proudly that i am a student of
N.B.Venkateswarlu, the authoritatian of LINUX.Sir WE
MISS YOU.sorry for not letting out our feelings till
now!.Sir we will be your students forever.If you
intend to come back, we are even ready to request or
fight with the management.
                             your student-GVPIT 4/4

19. An Email from Mr.Rohit
 Flag this messageRe: You can enjoy. Now I am not there to give assignments/punishments. No doubt I miss you guys/girlsMonday, July 23, 2007 11:37 PM
From: This sender is DomainKeys verified "rohith rohith" Add sender to Contacts To: "DR. N. B. Venkat Nagasuri" Respected Sir,
              We never felt that way after u have left
us sir it is always a grave loss for us to have missed
an inspiring personality like you sir.Sir this time i
hope that i dont make any spelling mistakes!Sir its
actually our pleasure that we feel every time we say
that we have been taught by you sir.Everytime we say
that to someone it feels great sir.And sir everytime
you gave an assignment it was more of a challenge than
the regular assignments we get sir n we are what we
are today with even a little of useful knowledge
because of you sir but yes we were scared to sit in
your class sir and the two days you came were the days
of real test for us sir but now we see the difference
sir there is nobody who cares for us and we feel the
real pain sir.And one more thing to add up sir we all
loved you in our own way sir and we all are fortunate
enough that we got a chance to be taught by such a
person as you sir.Sir the situation here is as such
that PAVAN sir our super senior is coming to teach us
your subject sir the subject about which we only
imagined to be taught by you sir (Embedded Systems).We
are missing everything sir every moment of these last
days of college we are missing your presence.And sir
39 of our class students got placed in various
companies sir and i got placed in Satyam and some of
us are looking forward for future education as you
have always asked us to.I was even surprised when i
heard some of my classmates saying they wanted to do
M.TECH sir.Sir thanks for the mail sir n we will
always love you sir and we are even planing on coming
to visit you sir.
                     Thanking you ,
                                   Yours sincerely,

20. An Email from Mr.Harish
From: This sender is DomainKeys verified "Harish Chegondi" Add sender to Contacts To: venkat_ritch@yahoo.comHello Sir, I am Harish - one of your old students in G.V.P.College of engineering. I passed out of GVP in 2002. Last January I met you to give my wedding invitation. Hope you remember me. I resigned TCS and came to Clemson University to do MS in computer engineering. I came here for spring 2007. I have been put up in Intelligent systems focus area. Here there are computer networking and computer architecture focus areas also... and I would like to choose some course from these areas also. Here are the courses in intelligent system focus area: 1. Introduction to robotics2. Intelligent robotic systems3. Image processing4. Machine vision5. Embedded computing6. Artificial intelligence7. pattern recognition8. neural networks In the above courses I would like to skip courses 1 & 2 and take the remaining. Because if I want to work on robotics, I need to take some course from Mechanical engg also.. Instead of taking new courses in mechanical, I thought it would be better to concentrate on image processing courses. Here are the course in Communication systems: 1. Computer communications2. Telecommunication network modelling and analysis3. Performance analysis of local computer networks4. Distributed computing and networks Here are the courses in Computer systems architecture 1. Computer architecture2. Computer system design and operation.3. Advanced topics in Computer architecture. I am planning to take some courses from intelligent systems and some from computer communications. Can you please suggest me courses from the above ones? Please advice me sir. Thank You,Harish.
21. An Email from Ms. Sirisha
From: This sender is DomainKeys verified "nl sk" Add sender to Contacts To: venkat_ritch@yahoo.comGood morning Sir.I am a student from vishnu engineering college(cse).Sir,I need some sujjestions from u regarding my career.My aggregate is 74% and I don't worry about the marks.But the thing is,as u have said yesterday,even though we are engineering students,till now many of us do not know how to install a simple software.That is the situation.We are aware that we have to do more for our survival outside but there is no one to guide us.So,we need your help.  To be a professional,what are the basic things that a student must posess?And my second question is regarding the projects.How can we do a project?i.e,what are the things that are to be familiar with to do some good projects and what are the courses we ahould learn now.Expecting a good response from u Sir,sirisha.
22. An Email from Mr. Harinivesh
From: This sender is DomainKeys verified "harinivesh donepudi" Add sender to Contacts To: venkat_ritch@yahoo.com
-----Inline Attachment Follows-----

Respected sir,
                 iam student of ssiet nuzvid,on 22nd of feb i attend ur guest lectuer on operating system  it is very nice sir ,iheard that u are started a group i want to join plz allow mw sir 
                                              thanking u sir , 
                                                                           yours obedently,

23. An Email from Mr. Koteswara Rao
From: This sender is DomainKeys verified "koti kadiyala" Add sender to Contacts To: venkat_ritch@yahoo.comSir,         I am a student of ssiet, Nuzvid I was suggested your book by my sir Giridhar and frankly when I was first asked to buy your book I really refused to buy your book because I thought that no local books would reach to the International level standard books, but fortunately I was forced to buy your book and when I went through it I found that it is the only book where I couldn't find any where and I really love your book. Thankyou for providing such a book I expect some more books like this from you sir.                   Thank you sir,                                                                     Yours Obediently,                                                                      K.Koteswara Rao Sir I and my friend togetherly wrote this sir so we have a same matter with us.
24. An Email from Mr.Nabarun
From: "mail_nabarun" Add sender to Contacts To: venkat_ritch@yahoo.comRespected sir,
   I am Nabarun Sengupta a 2nd year student of Gandhi Institute Of Engineering And Tech. Gunupur.Sir i am at present following yours advance unix programming book and really it has benefit me a lot.
   Sir i was having one doubt ,while mounting the /hda drives i learnt about the swap memory.It said that if the memory is totally occupied the system can crash as it is an extended R.A.M.
    Sir, i need to know that how can i predict how much memory should be alloted beforehand for this and is there any software which dynamically allocates the size during runtime.
     Sir,i will be greatly obliged if you clear my doubt
             thanking you,

25. An Email from Mr. Pradeep
From: This sender is DomainKeys verified "pappu pradeep" Add sender to Contacts To: venkat_ritch@yahoo.comSir,
   I am a student of SSIET,Nuzvid studying my III/IV
B.Tech CSIT, I read your book "Advanced UNIX
and I felt very happy to have a such book like that.
Sir, You wrote it well and with so simple language. I
need your permission inorder to pass you queries
related to UNIX.
    If permission is not granted, I will be the most
unlucky person in the world.
    If permission is granted, I have a question for U

How to connect the internet in java, I have an
internal modem all are in working conditions in
Windows environment?

please give reply to it Thankyou sir.
                               Yours Obediently,
26. An Email from Mr. Sai Krishna
From: "ghanta saikrishna" Add sender to Contacts To: venkat_ritch@yahoo.com
-----Inline Attachment Follows-----

Prof.N.B.Venkateswarlu garu,
Respected Sir,
                 I am a student of "SRI SARATHI INSTITUTE OF ENGG.. AND TECH.." studying in 3rd year csit branch.I had took your text book on 
"ADVANCED UNIX PROGRAMMING" and it was so useful to me.It is in a way that 
every one can understand the concept and do well in programs.It is in a simple language and it is very easy to understand. I feel very glad to give this mail.I had also listened to your seminar in our college at the event of "DIGITAL IMAGE PROCESSING" and it was a very good one.
    As iwant to give you a suggestion that " It will be better more good and nice if you give a detailed and much inf..about the "vi-editor".
      I had a doubt sir. can you please give me an explaination on 
the "trap" command.
                        thanking you sir,
                                                    yours obediently,
                                                     g.sai krishna

25. An Email from Mr. Dinakar
From: This sender is DomainKeys verified "dinakar" Add sender to Contacts To: venkat_ritch@yahoo.com
-----Inline Attachment Follows-----


I am Dinakar, your student. I studied in BVC engg. college(2003 batch), Amalapuram and my sister(Bhargavi Lakshmi) studied in Gayatri. Hope you remember me.

Currently I am working in CCIL and I am into production support. I wanted to be involved more into development. And here developement work is less, if not nothing. What I was told about my work during the interview process and even on first day of joining was different from the actual work I am getting. 

Now, I got an offer of 'Scientist-B' from Media Lab Asia . This is an R&D org. which used to be funded by MIT and Indian govt. Now, it is funded by Ministry of IT only and working on projects along with IITs(Mumbai, Delhi, Kanpur, Chennai). 

The mistake I did was, I didnot ask about the type of work that would be given to me during the time of interview. Now, when my friend(who also got selected) asked about the work, he was told "May be u r not interested in this organization, so u r asking too many questions". I am now confused about the type of work that would be given to me. 

Can u suggest me the right step in this regard. If u have anyone who's working/worked there, plz pass on their contact details. I have contacted some people from IIT Mumbai and I got good response about the projects, organization. Considering the projects going on, I am assuming the work will be good for me but a little bit risk is lying over here. 


28. An Email from Ms Pojita
From: "DR. N. B. Venkat Nagasuri" View contact details To: "poojitha kadmisetty" Congrats Madam for getting Job.No one is great except time!!!You are not Yahoo madam. You are some bangaram. Who knows. Tomorrow you may start a company(SW) and employ me!!!You have bright future once you mould/consolidate yourself with out following like other masses. Do things in a distingushed manner. Prof NBV

poojitha kadmisetty  wrote:

--- "DR. N. B. Venkat Nagasuri"

> Hi Dear Guys/Girls,
> Do you want my formal introduction. OK.Ok. I am
> your formal Professor cum HOD!!!!.
> Now, I hope all of you will be enjoying. After all
> I am not there to give you assignments/punishments.
> That is the reason, no one came and said hello
> atleast.
> Thanks for all the sufferring what you have
> enjoyed because of me. 
> Ofcourse, I did not expect that you will be so
> lukcy that you will be out of my hands that soon!!!.
> Ofcourse, again time prooved it is not in my control
> neither in your control. Now, time is yours!!!
> enjoy.
> BTW, I feel it is my morale responsibility to
> inform you guys what happend. I thought I should
> also get some more money. After all, I am also like 
> all you guys, after money. I thought if college
> gives special leave (sabattical, i.e leave with pay)
> I shall serve at some other college (Ofcourse I
> meant to continue here also) and earn some more
> money. My fate. My 10 years of service did not got
> recognition by the college authorities. They are
> kind enough to offer me leave with out pay. I felt
> sorry. I said thanks (resigned). 
> Ofcourse, as of now I did not join any where. I am
> still in Visakhapatnam. Our Staff club gave me
> excellant fare well. My life is fine. Probably, by
> the end of this year I hope I may release one my
> dream "writing a book on OS". This is about me.
> You are always welcome to say hello. Ofcourse, I
> promise I will not give any assignment. After all,
> no one is there now to pay me now!!!!.
> Have nice time in the next coming years. Do Well.
> Work with aim and plan.
> Do remember that CSE and IT are the fields which
> needs daily updating.
> Never work for the sake of JNTU marks(My old
> Dialogue).
> My house is Opp TSR Complex, Next to Khazan
> Jewellers, Dwarakanagar, Vizag
> You can disturb me during : 10AM-4PM, after
> 9.00PM.
> My land line: 0891-2598705 (I am maintaining since
> last 15 years. I will continue to have it).
> What else?.
> With best wishes
> Prof NB Venkateswarlu 
> Prof NB Venkateswarlu
> B.Tech(SVU), M.Tech(IIT-Kanpur),
> Ph.D(BITS,Pilani), PDF(U of Leeds,UK)
> Visit My Home at: www.ritchcenter.com/nbv

hi sir!
this is anakapalle(yahoo)...(poojitha)..
sorry for an informal introduction sir..but to remind
u of me..really felt bad seeing ur mail..

we r missing u(ur assignments,ur advices,ur lectures).
i was happy seeing this line in ur mail sir..( You can
disturb me during : 10AM-4PM, after 9.00P.M.)
i didnt expect that u wud share this thing with us..

sir! i got placement in satyam..i thought i can get
recommendation letter from a distinguished personality
like u..but unfortunately im unlucky..

definitely i wil follow ur guidelines sir..
it wud be great if i get a reply from u

urs sincerely,

Some Historical Machines

Ó Prof.N.B. Venkateswarlu, Visakhapatnam, India

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