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My Books
  • Advanced Unix Programming, BS Publ, Hyderabad, Rs.200/-
  • Unix & Windows NT, BS Publ, Hyderabad, Rs:150/-
  • Introduction To Linux Installation and Programming, BS Publ, Hyderabad, Rs:250/-
  • Linux Programming Tools Unvelied, BS Publ, Hyderabad, Rs:250/-
  • Unix/Linux FAQ:Make You Ready for Interview, BS Publ, Hyderabad
  • Lecture Notes for AICTE Sponsored Seminar on “Frontiers in Classification Algorithms for Data Mining”, Dec 26-28, AITAM, Tekkali. Same is being revised as a book
  • C#:Unveiled For Beginers to Developers, Reem Publ, New Delhi(In Press. Available in Oct 2010)
  • Unix and Shell Programming, Reem Publ, New Delhi, 2009
  • C and Data Structures:A Snap Shot Oriented Treatise Using Live Engineering Examples, S Changd & Co, New Delhi
  • Learn Object Oriented Programming Using Java: An UML Treatment using Live Examples from Science and Engineering, S Chand, New Delhi.
  • Essential Computer and IT skills and Fundamentals for Science and Engineering Students, S Chand 2012
  • Digital Logic Design, S Chand, (Available in Jun 2011)
  • Advanced Unix Programming, Second Edition, BS Publishers, Hyderabad, 2010 (Discussion on Network Programming is added)
  • Object Oriented Programming Through C++, S Chand & Co, New Delhi (Will be available)
  • Handbook of Data Mining (Conceived)
  • Embedded Systems Design and Development, (Arriving Soon)
  • Operating Systems: A Practical Oriented Treatise (Arriving Soon)
  • Data Structures Through C++ (Conceived)
Book Chapters
Book Chapter on Clustering in “Knowledge Mining Using Intelligent Agents” , Edited by Dr. Satchidananda Dehuri, Department of Information and Communication Technology, Fakir Mohan University, INDIA and Prof. Sung-Bae Cho, Department of Computer Science, Yonsei University, South Korea ), Conceived for Imperial College Press London-a Partner of World Scientific Press.
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