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People Related to Computers
Conferences Attended
  • ICORG-92, Hyderabad and Presented a Paper
  • British Machine Vision Conf, Univ of Surrey,Surrey, Feb, 93
  • Convener, Three Day Seminar on “Frontiers in Classification Algorithms for Data Mining”, Dec 26-28,2008, AITAM, Tekkali. Site: www.adityatekkali.com
  • Convener for a Three Day Refresher Course on “Research Methods in Engineering:Current Prospects and Perspective, AITAM, Tekkali, Aug, 2008. Delivered total 8 sessions. Site: www.adityatekkali.com
  • Convener for a One Day Refresher Course for Non-Teaching Staff on "Prepare for 20th Centurary Office Assistant", Sep, 2008, AITAM, Tekkali
  • Convener for a Three Day Refresher Course on “Weka: A Data Mining Tool”, AITAM, Tekkali, Dec, 2007. Site: www.adityatekkali.com
  • Organizing secretary for refresher course on “Advanced Unix Programming”, Dec 2-4, 2005 in which 75 teaching faculty from A.P, Orissa, Maharastra and Tamilnadu has participated. Almost 15 lectures are delivered by me in this event.
  • Resource Person and Technical Advisor for refresher course on Digital Image Processing at SSIET, Nuzvid, Jan 7-9, 2006.
  • Organizing Secretary for one day course on “Internet &HTML Scripting” for Non-Teaching faculty of southern states at GVPCOE, Visakhapatnam.
  • Convener for the three day refresher course on ‘Data Mining” at JNTU, Kakinada, Apr 22-25, 2006.
  • Chief Resource person for a two day conference on “Frontiers in Data Mining”, GIET, Gunupur, Jan 2008.
  • Chief Resouce Person for a two day refresher course on “Mathematical Foundations for Data Mining”, JNTU, Kakinada, Mar, 2008.
  • Chief Resource Person for a Two Day refresher course on “Soft Computing Applications in Data Mining”, BVRECW, Bhimavaram, 2007.
  • Chief Resource Person for a Two Day Course on Data Mining, NIST, Berhampur, Apr, 2008.
  • Resource Person for a Two Day Workshop on Soft Computing Applications, Bhubaneswar, 2007.
  • Resource Person for a Soft Computing course held at Vignan IIT, Vizag and Delivered a talk on “Support Vector Machines and the mathematical basis”.
  • Delivered a Talk at GMRIT on “Mathematical Orientation for Computer Science Students”, GMRIT, Rajam, Dec,2007.
  • Delivered a Talk on “Soft Computing Applications for Data Mining” at ANITS, Visakhapatnam, Apr, 2008.
  • Delivered a Talk on “H323.3 Coding” at AITAM, Tekkali, Apr, 2008. Site: www.adityatekkali.com
  • I am the first fellow to organize expert lectures through Video Conferencing at Visakhapatnam at GVP.
  • Delivered a Talk on Clustering Algorithms, RIT, Yanam, Jan 2008
  • Delivered a Talk on Data Mining and Applications to Business Intelligence, GIET, Mar, 2008
  • Delivered a Talk on Neural Control, AICTE sponsered course at GVP Engg College, Jun, 2008
  • Delivered a Talk on Multi-core Computers and Future Scope for Research, Visvodaya Engg College, Kavali, Feb, 2009
  • Delivered a Talk on The Top 10 Data Mining Algorithms, JNTU-K, Mar 20,2009
  • Delivered a Talk on Support Vector Machines for Image Data Mining, JNTU-K, Mar 24, 2009
Also, acted as Chairman for many Technical Events.
Also, I was the Chairman for OrBIT, a student society at Gayatri Engg College, Visakhaptanam. I did organize many student activities under this banner.
Some Historical Machines

Ó Prof.N.B. Venkateswarlu, Visakhapatnam, India

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