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  1. What is the difference between Comp Sci and IT?.
  2. In principle, CSE is system oriented while IT is application oriented. However, our syllabus is not showing any perceivable difference. Hardly, four courses difference in the 4 years B.Tech/B.E course. In M.E/M.Tech level things are too messy.
  3. How Long this IT boom will persist?
    Western predictions are that till 2020 atleast.
  4. Which branch shall I Join
    As A teacher/researcher I do not want to say this branch is better that is better. Rather I shall ask you What is your Interest?. Do you have any specific Interest? Have you done already some development in furthering those interests?. Accordingly, you can plan.
  5. Do you think college infrasturcture and management important in opting the college?
    Yes. Also you have to see the working environment in the college
  6. Senior students say EEE is difficult. What do you say?
    No. Every subject is equally difficult and equally easy.
  7. Some say I can join in field and learn Computer outside and get absorbed in IT industry. Do you accept?
    However, I feel Companies may insist soon. Else CSE/IT/MCA students may start to press.
  8. Shall I join in B.Tech or plan for SAT?
    To landup in US. If so, you can as well prefer for SAT.
  9. Do you advise me to join in Hostel?
    Yes. I strongly recommend. You may have more time for working. However, you have to see that the environment of the hostel to be good. Also, try to make few friends. Hostel life gives you chance to know various human psycologies
  10. How shall I use my summer?
    Learn C Language. Make Electronics as your Hobby Try to improve your English if you are lagging. Try to improve running notes habit in the Class. Usually, all of you are habituated to xeroxed materials. Engg can not be so ready made!!.
  11. How shall we read in Engg?
    First, slowly forget your Intermediate habits of reading and reproducing. Study for the sake of subject.
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