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I shall congrachulate for the authorities for killing Arts education first in India. Then, Science education. Now, I guess, we are heading for killing Engineering education in India. I always wonder why AICTE allows mushroom growth of Engg Colleges.

I still remember the college where I have graduated (SVU College of Engg, Tirupathi) used to have 110 staff members (with almost 35 professors) for a four years student stregth of 640. Where as now, a single department will be having more than 700 students with 20 staff members. Hats-off to AICTE rules of 1:15 ratio!!. Where do we get teachers!!. Now, whom so ever are available are the ones who joined as they did not get IT jobs. Their average life is not even one year. Those people who are passed with third class, who doesnt get IT job are the ones Professors. What a pathetic situation for Engg Students. Now one more attraction is: They will be doing Ph.d's?. A typical Prof will be having hundreads of Ph.d students!!.

Hats-off to Indian Educational Planners and advisors!!!!. Thank god atleast IIT's are maintaining their standards. Ofcourse, after all time is the magic. God knows what happens next!!.

I think it is high time to plan a different scheme in India always to have people to join teaching. If every one goes to Industry who is going to teach for next generations. I guess it is essential to make teaching profession as attractive. I recall some suggestion by grate Indian, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam.

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Prof.N.B. Venkateswarlu, Visakhapatnam, India

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